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Ellie Price avatar
Ellie Price🏅 900Office hoursMentor

Business Development, Strategy & Operations at Iris Light Technologies

Chicago, United States
ROC expat. Apprenticed with VC fund, some I-bankers, and launched new business unit in humanitarian crisis response. I can help you build pitches, financial models, strategy, coalitions and teams. Policy wonk, swimmer and lover of the Great Lakes.
JP Bourget avatar
JP Bourget🏅 900Office hoursMentor

Cybersecurity / API / Business

Buffalo, United States
Bootstrapped Syncurity (acquired by Swimlane). Raised $5.6M. Cybersecurity/Python/anything as code. Go to Market. Pitch Decks. Reach out!

Clark Dever avatar
Clark Dever🏅 900Office hoursMentor

Product Manager at Techstars

Buffalo, NY, United States
Grisled serial Founder with a deep passion for mentoring and community building. Hoping to leave a better world for the next generation by helping to build great companies with good people.
Lena Levine avatar
Lena Levine🏅 850Office hoursMentor

Founder & CEO at Forcoda

Buffalo, United States
Bringing 10 years of experience working with startups and Fortune500 companies, I help strategize, prototype, design, and develop successful SaaS and digital products. Specialty area – delivering measurable results in FinTech, EduTech, and B2B space.
David Thiemecke avatar
David Thiemecke🏅 840Office hoursMentor

Unintentional Generalist

Buffalo, NY, United States
Co-founder with 2 exits across 12 bootstrapped software startups in 22 years with the same team. Loves the customer / product boundary, with all its pain, surprises, and delights.
Michael Thaney🏅 810Office hoursMentor

Making Genesee Valley > Silicon Valley

Rochester, United States
Innovation and Emerging Tech practioner at Constellation Brands and startup mentor, advisor and investor. I've spent 15 years in B2B software and +10 years at Accenture Digital. Ask me about BigCo partnerships, Startup Grind, Wefunder.
Jordan Walbesser avatar
Jordan Walbesser🏅 740Office hoursMentor

Counsel at Mattel/Fisher-Price

Buffalo, United States
I work with high-performing IP-driven companies to leverage their IP through creative and effective deal-making. I am experienced licensing, intellectual property, and technology matters in the digital and video gaming space.
Alan Rosenhoch avatar
Alan Rosenhoch🏅 490Office hoursMentor

Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager Endeavor WNY

Buffalo, United States
Super connector with deep economic development experience. Focus my professional time working with high-growth companies at the ‘scale-up’ phase – and love helping entrepreneurs find success.
Karl Newell avatar
Karl Newell🏅 490Office hoursMentor

Co-Founder @ LenderLogix

Buffalo, United States
Co-founder of LenderLogix - a Buffalo based mortgage technology company.
John Leone avatar
John Leone🏅 490Mentor

What can we do better

United States
Founder. Entrepreneur. Agile Coach. Integrator. Enjoy helping others.
Greg Norton avatar
Greg Norton🏅 410Office hoursMentor

President Twisted and Twisted Rope Labs

Buffalo, United States
First biz was ice hockey store in Japan, then digital consulting, started a charter school, own multi-family residential properties. Learned if I'm the smartest person in the room I'm either alone or I need to find another room.
Kristin Quattlebaum avatar
Kristin Quattlebaum🏅 410Office hoursMentor

former corporate hustler turned intuitive life coach

Buffalo, United States
Experienced in strategic leadership, change management + people. I have a gift at creating structure amidst chaos + seeing disruptive patterns.
Sarah Brennan avatar
Sarah Brennan🏅 410Office hoursMentor

Attorney at Harter, Secrest & Emery LLP

Buffalo, United States
Experienced Corporate & Securities attorney in Buffalo, NY representing companies in every stage of the corporate life cycle in business and transactional matters. Excited to be a part of this community, please reach out if I could be of help!
Kevin Siskar avatar
Kevin Siskar🏅 410Office hoursMentor

CEO at Finta

Buffalo, United States
Emmily Bowman🏅 320Office hoursMentor

owner of braidbabes

buffalo, United States
built braidbabes in buffalo, expanding to rochester, planning for the US
John Jahnke🏅 320Office hoursMentor


Orchard Park, United States
Business and Technology leader with a successful track record of building great teams to drive emerging technology patterns. Lover of cloud, marketplaces and SaaS business models.
Kanishka Wanninayaka🏅 50Office hoursMentor
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